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A strange feeling to think my voice will be on the airwaves later, as I talk about Human Identity, in my own unique and perhaps slightly screwy way. BBc Radio Four, ‘Four Thought’, 8.45pm, GMT. Here’s a link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b012fr3w

I’m glad the sun still shines. I am happy right now, in a moment of mindfulness. My apartment is ground floor and my lounge window is very close to the street. A low wall with high railings gives a suggest of separation and privacy, but I can view the world discreetly and it is only occasionally it intrudes on me. There is a row of parking meters, the scene of many incidents. Disbelief at the price, arguments with stony unresponsive parking wardens. Anger, sometimes spilling into aggression. Such is the way of things on a central London street. Other moments I overhear touching scenes between parents. Daddy I need the toilet. Mummy, what’s that machine? The Why dialogues… Why is that lady staring at us from the window? And how distracted I am by random human activity. No, it’s food, and my writer’s brain is always starving.

I hope everyone enjoys my Radio Four talk and at least finds it provokes the odd thought or two. Do let me know.