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I am in a very busy phase at present and have a sense of progression. At last, my life seems to be focused on my work. Oh how lucky am I to love what I do.

This last week I rehearsed with lovely Jo on cello, Richard offering tech support as I tried out my wireless mic headset. How liberating this was, to not have worries about my voice, and the freedom to move and pull all my fruity faces. My novel Fancy Nancy was…well, released at last and while I don’t know what will happen next, this is a great moment I am savouring.

Off to New York soon. I feel excited, anxious, stunned that I am at last making this trip. I’m living life backwards it seems and relish every moment. I feel happy that the limits of my childhood and beyond have resulted in an unexpected outcome – I am rarely jaded and can enjoy what others may see as commonplace and simple. I did not travel further than the local village until the age of 22 and then such excursions were exceptional. Looking back, it amazes me I managed them at all. Going to the Blitz club and meeting Steve Strange, going to see Marc Almond in concert, and later The Smiths at the Albert Hall. Others too, highlights in an otherwise very cloistered existence.

Bed beckons, it does eventually, as the clock ticks on with an admonishing tut. Bessie too of course, looking sleek and plump again, thank goodness.

On that note time to curl up besides her and feel her purr soothe me.