Back home now in London and wondering about my week away. Wondering about many things. Listening to the news all night on the BBC’s World Service. Events in Libya, momentous change. People uprising against tyranny. I hope it lasts and is not replaced by new oppression. My concerns seem so small in comparison. As always, I speculate on the lot of disabled people. Where is their voice in it all?

I am happy to be distracted from the noise in my head, having taking the nose dive into hospital while at the Fringe. Not contemplating meanings and tricky questions. I did too much, it may be that simple, as much as I am loathe to accept it.  My contrary mind is rarely a cooperative mind, but there were highs and I relished them.

I can say I did perform at the Fringe, I can say I was there and I flyered and made my little mark.  The process was a good learning curve. The show is improved and tightened, though now the dust must settle for a month while I recover physically and mentally.

Many highs. Being with Jo, sharing funny moments. The warmth of people – generally. Sexy men in kilts! Fine legs! Being in a gorgeous spacious flat.  Seeing Ruby Wax and her show ‘Losing it’. Getting to ask Ruby a question in the Q&A. One about the positives within the negatives – the light within the dark.

I always believe it’s there! Even as I sit here wondering, wondering, questioning… what is IT all about?