Because Penny is cloven into many Pennys, it means that while I am here slouching in my PJs (oh all right, my ON = Old Nightie) and watching soothing TV, a corner of my head is over boiling with at the situation regarding the NHS, and the Welfare Reform Bill.

I am not a political expert and why should I be to understand that the proposed changes are deeply and comprehensible wrong? Morally wrong. Undemocratic. Frightening.

I am alive because of the NHS and I have been active for much of my life because of the fight by disabled pioneers who came before me – in social care and independent living. We cannot let this progress be unravelled – and I hate feeling helpless to it. Of course the NHS is not a perfect institution and I’ve had moments to complain about it. But to throw the scapels out with the sterilised water?!  No, no, no. It is a treasure. It cannot be sneakily privatised.

For me the bigger fight is against the worst excesses of capitalism. Many disabled people cannot be hammered into a market economy system which judges us purely on our productivity. But who can? There is the lie.

Someone has to pay for the deficit? We all know who should, yet often we, the ‘common’ people are derided by politicians, for our ‘simplistic’ responses to make the bankers pay, to end expensive paternalistic wars – and make the multinational tax evaders pay up.

Let politicians have their expenses cut. Let them eat disgusting value soup for 9p. Let them face impossible choices between going to the toilet and eating dinner – on social care funding it happens.

We have to believe there can be alternatives. Look at history – great changes do occur. Let’s look at other methods and models of organising society, and learn from them. We are conditioned to believe there are limitations – but we, disabled people, must know more than many, that limitations can be dismantled – thoughts, attitudes, barriers.

Let’s get on the barricades. In whatever way we interpret that. Me, I’ll carry on ranting to the last.