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Seasonal cheer abounds and I am feeling it myself, which is unusual. I am not inclined to be 100% bah humbug as this thing we have to do near the end of December seems ingrained. I enjoy the conviviality of friends, the relaxed togetherness which the festive season can create. The light returns from Dec 21st, that is the truth. We humans seem to need to celebrate that.

As I had a frightening skirmish with serious ill health this last month, my sense of pleasure has sharpened. We mustn’t be bogged in a morass of cynicism – and fear – when we look at the wider world and its doomy propensities. Love what is close to you, enjoy life daily, simply. Platitudes? Perhaps. But it is true.

What is the worse that can happen? It’s not half as bad as you think, and while we must fight, close to home for the justice we believe in for all, I know I have much to be grateful for in terms of friends, my cat, my mum, and much more. My mended Christmas tree which now glistens in ever-changing cheesy fibre optic wonder!

Be calm, be happy, says the lady Buddha of North London…. for now, at least.