Not much. I’m a slug today. The sun warmed my sluggish skin a little. A friend awoke my lumpen thoughts.

What is happening? The news is dire, I can’t bear it. A ban is imposed for 24 hours to allow my mood to recover.

Cripples of the UK, shine up your begging bowls. A new poor law looms. Punish us and we may be cured!? In-valids, the Mad, the wounded et al were begging by St Giles 800 years past. We have history, let’s remember and let’s resist this new oppression.

I did find some places for short story submissions, but after all these years toiling I only do paid or for immense profile kudos.

I want to do a revised edition of Desires. Any thoughts and assistance welcome.

Bessie the adorable one is crying somewhere. Time to investigate and talk some Cat.

Now they are a good tonic for stress.