Penny does New York

I’ve been ill, up, down, askew with serious life changes. But I am Penny Pepper. My passion for well, most everything is undimmed and I am unperturbed. At least about my stuff. Actually, my focus is greatly sharpened to find as many outlets as possible for my writing and performance. I’m a little more frayed at the edges physically and mentally, writing comes first now. It is the core, the source of everything else associated with the words, the charms, the curses and the intrigues that I aim to spin. I am a happier Penny. Come to my guest slot on Feb 20th at Soho Theatre and follow my Twitter countdown here!/PenPep

Of course I am not happy with the current situation with the government. We are pariahs. We are deemed the easiest targets in regards the cuts, which is a hideous subterfuge from a government so out of touch with day to day reality for many that it is frightening. Abominable. Ideology rampaging over conscience and compassion, over efforts to create equality. In my work, I will pick and prise, accuse and elaborate.
We have to be heard. We will be heard. Disabled people, the homogenized blob we are seen as, without choice, may yet be reconnected to the society where we’ve always been – if only we were able to be visible. I’m determined to be a cog in making this happen.