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My life is often crammed full, and the last six weeks was ridiculous. Everything spilling from the seams. Bits of Me, tired bones, shaky heart, mind a hive of a thousand bees each carrying a different thought, often contrary, often confused.

I am an impatient Penny and now I am in a new nest, I am frantic with creation. I’m in love with 50s retro, done softly, a little splash of cupcake colour, occasionally geometric atomic. I want it all now, it must match the fantasy home in my head. NOW!

Of course it can’t happen now, or even tomorrow, and I’m coaxing Norma (my emotional ID) to stay calm and enjoy the journey. Especially as I am far from full recovery of the serious illness of last November, and my naughty, conflicted thoughts do so chasing each others tails, till I am exhausted from thinking too much.

Besides needing a string trail to find myself amid the boxes and tins of paint, I managed to squeeze in a day’s filming with Channel Four News. It’s part of Channel Four’s NoGoBritain series looking at how public transport is for disabled people (haha). Please do go to the site and make your own comments. It was a crazy long day of filming and I am a little sad that some of the shots were not included, especially what happened to me on the buses. Which was a lot. Here’s a link to the feature but it’s only there for seven days I believe! NoGoBritain.

The Abnormally Funny People gig was a blast and I loved it. A gorgeous space at Soho Theatre, accessible stage and cool cabaret style set up. There was even a tinsel curtain. Yes, A TINSEL CURTAIN! The audience laughed in the right place and I believe we went down well. I managed not to fall ill and keel over. Would love to go back to Soho with my show Adventures. Maybe, one day, maybe.

I feel privileged to be doing all these things, because when I can draw breath to peep over the boundary of my own life, I can see the dark storm clouds clamouring.  I work, in my hard-won niche, and wouldn’t be much ‘use’ in the capitalist system anywhere else. But the pincer movement the ConDems are attacking us with is slowly unrolling, slowly and not so slowly, pushing us into a corner of oppression and inequality. This sobering thought never leaves my mind.

I want to make a proclamation. I am not so much the banner waving activist I was, though when health allows I have my moments, but within my work I remain committed and passionate about exploring the issues and concerns we have. I remain stout in pouring into my writing and all off-shoots, those things which I believe are important – our right to equality – and to life.

Now, where’s that box with my poetry file in it gone… ?