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Illness blah blah keeps me low and not blogging. No energy. It’s a beast to charm and battle, depending.

Meanwhile, here I am with mum and we are ticking through the days in a jolly fashion. The imminent onslaught of legitimized hate crime in the form of government cuts and controls, is out of my mind this week. Right now, healing time from the Mata.

Mum is a hive of busy and eager. It is restful and tiring at once. I think I get my restlessness from mum. She likes to bounce around, be Doing, meeting, looking.

We are very in the now, which makes me happy. Now we will go to the garden centre, then we will go to Angel for lunch. No need to think further ahead.

That’s why I love my mum, apart from myriad obvious and not so obvious reasons..