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I cross the grassy path and into the open space. The ground is a bit bumpy, from eager moles and rabbits. My PA Flo operates the controls on my power-chair as I am unable to do this on the rough surface. Sometimes, she steadies the handles to stop me tipping sideward.

I come to a stone, the Diamond stone. It is vast and as with the whole site, it aches with palpable age. I touch the stone and close my eyes. The atmosphere is an entity, not unkind, that wraps around me. My concerns blow into the light wind and I smile as the sun comes out.

Later, my PA helps me to get into The Red Lion Pub. She helps me in the toilet. She helps me with food. The order, the cutting, and today the feeding.

I need support 24-7, whether I am at home in my bathroom, or resting my hand on a magnificent stone at Avebury.

There is evidence that shows ancient societies supported their disabled and ‘weaker’ members. Perhaps they understood the value of humanity in a way that our government plainly can’t.