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For some weeks I’ve put an embargo on the news, and it’s done marvels for my mood.

We shouldn’t fool ourselves that we must watch and read the news. What the hell is ‘news’ anyway? It’s disclosure, although that suggests something that was secret that we really need to know about. And quite often we don’t.

I’m not saying we don’t need to educate ourselves about things, and I’m eternally interested in almost everything –  but education can be done more helpfully than watching uninformative regurgitations of fudged statistics, from stuffy reporters or worse, the bloated sneering faces of government ministers, almost unfailingly MALE. (Though as an aside, I have to say rightly sacked Maria Killer Miller and Esther Bimbo McVey, inflicted on us as Ministers for disabled people, ostensibly female, could induce a rabid attack of swearing after a few words – gender notwithstanding.)

Now we have Mike Penning, who once said he wanted to help the disabled as his mother had a stroke. May all the Gods help us all.

The press are so unadulterated in their bias, whatever persuasion they espouse. We know The Daily Mirror is primarily left-wing (whatever that means) and we know The Sun is right-wing (I know what that means). The Mail, well, least said…

The BBC; a strange gargantuan beast of many tentacles (or is that testicles?). I listen happily to Radio Four, occasionally to Today in Parliament and Women’s Hour. The commentary is usually, though not always, balanced, and I may learn something.

But poor Auntie Beeb, how she struggles after the Saville affair. The BBC TV News seems inexorably right wing, very choosy in what it covers and what it leaves out. I’ve sat, mouth agape, when reports are made about certain politicians. I found myself screaming at the TV – well just lick his arse and have done with it. It was interesting to see how the BBC news handled the success of disabled campaigners  with challenging the closure of the Independent Living Fund up to appeal in the High Court (see earlier blogs). It was on the 1pm news bulletin on Radio Four but it clearly felt as if the BBC TV news were catching up late in the day.

And now, Mikey Boy Penning has announced the ILF will close, we have to grab new media opportunities and start afresh.  Ho hum. Dancing with the devils once more.

To end… the worst aspect of the news for me? It is rarely about us. People we know, people we are. Especially for disabled citizens. Which ironic when you calculate how many people we link to, are family to, have influence upon. We must wake up, and wake them up as a consequence.