And on we go. Have to reblog. This debate cannot go underground.

Telling the Story: Penny Pepper

A grey afternoon and on goes the Mac. I’m confronted with the face of Lord Freud, and quite as bad, the face of Esther McVey.

Along with the crazy tweetosphere, which sees him trend on #, a BBC report shows Freud was  “thinking aloud” it seems, caught out agreeing with a claim that some disabled people  “aren’t worth paying the minimum wage”. Other choice comments and misconceptions spew forth from this starting point.

I’m back from a pleasant lunch with a friend at a charming little cafe in Islington, spending a few quid of my tax credits (no £43 IDS type meals for moi). Freud and his ilk won’t ruin my good mood after this, but they sure as hell have refreshed my annoyance with the rampant hypocrisy of this government – and beyond it.

Labour seem cynical in seizing this opportunity to show up Lord Dodgy Freud for a cheap advantage when their…

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