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The Remembrance Sunday spectacle makes me gloomy. I will not make throw-away statements about it all being pointless etc. It needs more unravelling than that.

I am sad for the common people; my own ancestors who took part, others who were ‘conchies’ and played important roles in their millions. Ordinary people – my Dad was an evacuated war baby and later a Marine Reserve… And yet?

So much is for show, enshrining the rich, the privileged, reinforcing their status for us to ‘look up’ to, to underline a social order, that as a method of control seems very much to have the upper hand, because we instinctively want to remember and respect our dead.

Yet how many disabled service people get the support that need – long term? How about the elderly? Widows? I know these people are not supported well and I also know that the largely right-wing press does not cover the scandal as much as it should.

The writer in me cannot but help look at the stories beyond, to the individuals. And see links to the ongoing attacks on anyone outside the rich elite – unless it suits them in terms on flattering their own egos and guilt.

Therefore I am sad for all those deaths in war – perhaps some unavoidable with the fight agains Nazism/Fascism and its ilk – but I am also distressed that the hypocrisy and even cruelty, of our ‘leaders’ is so rarely acknowledged.

No, today is all about honour and bravery and respect, but blighted with the hideous crocodile tears of those is authority.