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I thought I’d play with headlines today. It seems that a hint of scandal helps your blog go viral.

And maybe it’s true, my headline.

But as we hurtle into the festive splurge I find the government is on my mind. Or should I say politicians.  I didn’t watch the BBC’s Question Time with Brand and Farage because it would have brought on my angina.

I believe Russell means well. He also sat on my ex-husband’s lap recently. Now, that IS true. It was at a protest and I believe he was having a lark.

But aren’t we all sick of this biggest of pantomimes? And an increasingly nasty one, veering into right-wing slogan politics, replete with villians twirling their non-British bushy moustaches – Romanian non doubt – while making perfect sandwiches with the oh so violent Hungarians. And let’s not get onto beards. Beards: the terror of our nation. You should live near me in central London. Facial hairy-scary in hipster HQ Shoreditch.

Then there’s us, the sly-eyed peg-legged Tiny Tims, the melodramatic wailing loonies; the fake beggars all, sucking the state for hand-outs.

As for the left-wing – what left-wing? I realise that its scant presence in the media is precisely because the media is mostly Murdoch-driven right-wing, but also there seems to be a fear – an embarrassment – about being a socialist these days. When once it was a source of pride, as was living in a council house. Ed Milliband is plainly uncomfortable with being a socialist as he flaps around for policies to lure the electorate.

I wish all politicians would shit out their hypocrisies and let us behold the steaming turds of truth.  Tell us (more) of what they really think –  a la Lord Freud. I’ve been told the country cannot afford to assist me (and thousands) to work and live as an equal human being over many years, including though not exclusively, via The Guardian comments, when I write for Comment is Free.

So. Some people are not as equal as others. What next then? The whole picture is rarely looked at. We seem to enjoy living in bubbles, and certainly the privileged political classes revel in this. I’m all right Jack n Jill mentality. It’s OK to be disabled if you have money. Money removes many barriers; it pays for the reasonable adjustment enshrined in shiny gold the Equalities Act.  You can pay for your disabled child to go to better schools, have the best support, and even pay to bypass inaccessible environments to some extent.

Oh money. There is enough to go around. I am quite sure of it. Look at the Champagne Situation. Poor Lords, cheap nasty bubbly foisted on the dears. Tax payers cough up! Never mind granny in the  underfunded care-home sitting in piss, give our betters some posh drinkies. Don’t dare to tell me this is different. That the funding stream is not the same. Make it the same fuckers. Get a grip.

From Poor Lords to Poor Law. It’s been around for awhile, this idea of the deserving and undeserving. The Victorians loved this notion, as much as the men enjoyed the services of the massive population of prostitutes. But earlier still, 1388 to be precise we had this:

In 1388, the Statute of Cambridge (12 Rich.II c.7) introduced regulations restricting the movements of all labourers and beggars. Each county “Hundred” became responsible for relieving its own “impotent poor” — those who, because of age or infirmity, were incapable of work… Following this Act, beggars could pretend neither to be labourers (who needed permission to wander), nor to be invalids (who were also forbidden to wander). The 1388 Act is often regarded as the first English poor law.

There we have it. Restricting the poor and those pesky invalids. Nothing new under the sun.

And it remains; these days anyone outside those gilded echelons is a target – as a scrounger, as the underserving poor, the disabled poor, the working poor. The reality is more fluid and surprising, if anyone in government dares to step outside stereotyping, look at history, read a good book or two. We connect, over-lap. We are within the body of humanity. We are humanity-get over it.

I was going to look at the hypocrisy around the support given to disabled children – and premature babies even – for them to be discarded into an increasingly fascistic society as adults. Services undermined, closure of Independent Living Fund, attacks on social care, mental health services and funding that supports employment.

Another day, another year. Damn – 2015 – Election year. I’ll hibernate.

Oh well, perhaps, meanwhile, I can sell my sex toy story to the tabloids?

Scandal one: disabled woman has sex toy.

Scandal two: she’s in Harrods.

Scandal three: she can afford to be in Harrods.

Scandal four: Story is mostly fabricated.


Season’s goodwill to you all. Enjoy the midwinter partying. The light returns – and I hope that it will be in more ways than one.